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Uber App Can Record iPhone Screens accessing Core Functionality in Apple’s iOS


The presence of Uber’s access to exclusive iPhone functions is not published in any consumer-facing data included with Uber’s app, notwithstanding giving the corporation direct access to features so powerful that Apple nearly always keeps them off-limits to outside companies.

Although there is no proof that Uber used this way to take advantage of the iPhone features, the sign of the app’s access to exempt Apple code raises important problems for a company already under investigation for a kind of controversial business practices.

Uber told News that the code was not currently being utilized and was basically a vestige from an earlier variant of its Apple Watch app, but it set off alarm bells amongst experts.

“Granting such a sensible entitlement to a third-party is uncommon as far as I can tell, no other app developers have signified able to convince Apple to grant them entitlements they’ve wanted to let their apps utilize positive privileged system functionality,”  Will Strafach, a security researcher who found the situation, told News.

Nearly every iPhone app uses what is proclaimed an “entitlement” basically a way for software to enable characteristics like the camera or Apple Pay on iPhones and iPads. Most of these can be easily located and officially turned on by outside app developers.

But there are certain entitlements that are only managed by Apple, giving the company’s own software tight alliance with the iPhone. These bits are designated with names that start with “com.apple.private,” and they are being considered so delicate that any third-party app found working them is rejected from the App Store.

After digging round in the code for Uber’s app, Strafach saw that it uses an entitlement called “com.apple.private.allow-explicit-graphics-priority.”

“It is very odd to see Uber as the just the app I checked tens of thousands of different apps using my organization internal dataset derived from the App Store besides Apple’s personal apps granted access to this sensitive entitlement,” Strafach said in an email. Another personality said that no other of the 200 top free apps use private Apple entitlements.

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